That moment when you capture someone else’s voice.

That moment when you capture someone else’s voice.

A funny thing happened to me as I moved through my advertising career. As a creative director and copywriter in the agency world, I had written just about everything there was to write. TV spots. Radio spots. YouTube videos. Brochures (remember brochures?). Websites. Email campaigns. Paid social posts. When I started my agency of one in 2008, I even ventured into feature film and documentaries. That peaked when one of my movie scripts (“Memorial Day“) got produced with an Oscar-nominated actor, won some awards and earned national TV exposure.

Despite that modest success, Hollywood didn’t exactly come knocking on my door. So I went back my copywriting bread and butter. Then one day, one of my clients asked me if I could help him write a book. In that moment, a whole new door opened up. On the other side: my inner Cyrano de Bergerac. 

Lots of people can write a decent radio or TV spot. And based on the quality of programming I’ve seen over the last 10 years, it’s also clear that the world is filled with great screenwriters. What’s less abundant are writers who have the ability (and desire) to set aside their own egos and be a vehicle for others—to listen, observe and comprehend another person’s thoughts and insights in the service of presenting their authentic voice to the world.

In working with that first book client, I realized that everyone has something to say. A story they want to tell. Wisdom they want to share. But frankly, few have the time, attention span or writing chops to do it. We have no choice but to speak in our own voices, but most people find it impossible to translate their voice to the written word. And that’s where I come in.

I can sit down with someone I’ve never met, absorb their personality, opinions, mannerisms, sense of humor and philosophies on life, and translate all of that to the page—like being a psychiatrist who can also write.

This is what I do, and I’ve done it in many forms and for many different kinds of people. Through screenwriting and ghostwriting, I’ve written words spoken by Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning actors. And as a ghostwriter, I’ve captured the voices of CEOs, award-winning journalists and even a Presidential Medal of Freedom winner. The moment I live for is when a client gives me a smile and a look of wonder and says, “You capture my voice better than I do. How do you do that?”

My mission is to live up to that prized compliment. If you have something interesting to say to the world, I’ll be your voice.